What So-So Movies Had Incredible Performances?

Are there some sort of just okay movies that are elevated by great performances? Robert and Steve share a couple of ideas. What movies come to mind for you? Listen to our podcast than nominate your great performances in so-so movies on Twitter @theoverlookpod, or on our Facebook page, The Overlook Podcast with Robert Horton and Steve Scher.
We look forward to your choices for favorite performances in otherwise so-so films.

Also, Robert reviews The Invitation, Born to Be Blue and Everybody Wants Some!! ( Yup, two exclamation points, just like the song by Van Halen

Also Steve talks about a recent film worth seeing, The Railway Man with Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman and wonders about the state of comedy in the 60’s by watching Blake Edwards’ S.O.B.
Robert likes the film, Steve wasn’t so sure, though the conceit of getting supposed Goody-Two-Shoes Julie Andrews to show “her boobies,” was a funny bit for Hollywood in 1969.