“The Interview” A Silly Film, An Important Cause

Maybe Seth Rogen and James Franco are lucky to have had their film, “The Interview” become an international controversy.  Otherwise the critics might have focused on the film itself and that might not have gone so well.

Next week, we will pour over the 2015 releases, talking about films neither of us have even seen yet.

Robert Horton will be talking about some upcoming releases with a few other critics at Scarecrow Video, part of the Framing Pictures series. That is on January 16th.

At SIFF on the 23rd and 24th of January he will spend a few hours dissecting “Frankenstein” and  “Bride of Frankenstein,” scene by scene.

And you can catch Steve doing some news commentary around the President’s State of the Union Address on NWCN on the 20th.