Oscars, Rampling, Hitchcock, Truffaut and Monroe

Snoop decries, Rampling lets fly, Oscars try, Hitchcock, Truffaut and Monroe, auteurs in the sky.

Warning: Snoop Dog weighs in with his expletive laced displeasure for the Oscars. Charlotte Rampling doesn’t get it. A new documentary explores the importance of Hitchcock’s work on cinema and recognizing the powerful auteur, Marilyn Monroe.

Robert says “45 Years” is a brilliant and disturbing film about the power if secrets. Charlotte Rampling is Oscar nominated for her acting. She might have hurt her chances with her blind spot regarding the controversy over white Oscars.She has since tried to walk back the cat.

When the film critic and filmmaker Francois Truffaut wanted to understand the art, he turned to the master, Alfred Hitchcock. The book from their conversations revived interest in the Hitchcock’s work and crystallized the notion of the director as auteur. A new documentary explore the influence of that book on today’s critically acclaimed directors.

Marilyn Monroe was every bit an auteur as Hitchcock, Truffaut or Hawks and Capra. Her work captured a feminist spirit that was even then being pushed back into the home. Steve says “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” can be read as a feminist film and Monroe as a brilliant comedian and satirist. It is worth seeing again.