My Golden Days with Elvis and Nixon in a Green Room

The four essentials this week bring us Richard Nixon shaking hands with Elvis Presley, Patrick Stewart as a nazi, some good French wine with cigarettes and wanderings in Irish fields. Yup, it’s the Overlook Podcast.

As individuals, we are all attracted to particular types of movies. We might cultivate eclectic tastes, as a world renowned film critic is wont to do, as is a master-of-none former broadcaster, but there are certain stories that just reach out and grab you. Who knows why, it may be genetic, it may be something that was triggered by the smell of hot coffee on a cold morning while reruns of Leave it to Beaver played in the background.
Whatever the nudge, Robert is drawn to the French milieu, smokey rooms, cigarettes glowing, wine glasses being filled. There is the murmur of conversation, the evening slowly unwinding, a hint of romance. Those films will always be drawing him close.
Steve on the other hand, seems to be wandering the Irish and Scottish countryside, rambling with the doting old men and women, grabbing a pint in the pub, riding down a country lane, knowing that in the end, after the capers falter and the riches wash away, things will turn out all right.

So, what films just have your name on them? In your heart of hearts, what are the films that always reach out and draw you in?

Oh, and we talk about Elvis and Nixon, based on the time the King met the President, Green Room, wherein Patrick Stewart plays a skinhead- not a stretch it turns out- and My Golden Days,which is exactly one of those films Robert cannot resist.

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