Mr. Holmes

Ian McKellen’s “Mr. Holmes,” Oscar Snubbed, Worth Reviewing

Last year Ian McKellen’s “Mr. Holmes” garnered Oscar buzz. The film was snubbed. But it was one of our favorite films of 2015.

McKellen weighed in on the Oscar whitewashing controversy with a point of his own. While many straight men have received Oscars for their portrayals of gay men, McKellen asked why no openly gay man has ever won a best actor award.

McKellen won a few awards for his portrait of the aging sleuth in retirement. Beekeeping kept him busy. So did encouraging housekeeper Laura Linney’s son to investigate a mystery.

McKellen was runner-up for best actor at SIFF in 2015.

The Oscar talk faded, but the film is well worth another look.

Robert is traveling, so this is a rebroadcast of a show we did while he was ensconced Scotland.

With the Oscar’s drawing near, we thought The Overlook should revisit films that were overlooked.