Function and Form

We fell under the weather this week. Our apologies. It’s this darn unpredictable spring. Too many viruses, too much pollen.

So, here is a contemplative episode right for the occasion.

Matt Zoller Seitz wrote an article reminding film reviewers that the picture matters.  The framing of the shot, the camera placement, the sound shape our perception of a film and that is worth talking about. Might seem obvious, but there is a lot of criticism based on the actors and their lives, or as Seitz put it,  many reviewers focus on what the film is about, but not often enough do they ask how it is about.  Steve Scher and Robert Horton take up the discussion about how to enjoy a film even more by looking more closely at the picture and the sound.

Oh, and we talk about working at Giggles, a bar as sad as it sounds.


Robert Horton is an author, a film presenter and film critic at The Everett Herald,  a newspaper in Washington State.

Steve Scher studied film, fell backwards into journalism and is still falling.

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