Episode 5: 3 Films, One is Fascinating, One Terrible and One O.K.

Robert Horton, author and film critic and Steve Scher, radio broadcaster and more hopeful than ever after his first TV essay, talk about three new films. “The Past,” an oscar submission from Iran and France, is a film from Asghar Farhadi  who directed “A Separation.” It is a good film, serious and complicated at a time when things are tough for Iranian artists.  Then there’s  “Winter’s Tale,” directed by Akiva Goldsman.  Robert says he directed some of the worst Batman movies.  So be forewarned. He calls this  a definitively bad film.  Fans of the novel, pick your targets. Either you start throwing tomatoes at Robert and Steve or the filmmakers for ruining one of your favorite books.   ” The Monuments Men,” a little clunky, but it meant something to director George Clooney and that gives it some energy. But not enough.  There’s a good documentary to check out, “The Rape of Europa,” that might be more compelling.

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