Episode 28: There Is Some Magic In The Moonlight

We drift with Woody Allen and his new film, “Magic In The Moonlight,” starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone.  Meandering in a wistful sort of way, it is an entrancing film from the septuagenarian filmmaker.


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Robert Horton  reviews movies for The Herald (Everett, Washington), He has contributed many pieces to Film Comment since 1990 as well as other publications. He is the author of the  “Cultographies” volume on Frankenstein (Wallflower Press, 2010), Billy Wilder: Interviews (University Press of Mississippi, 2002), and had work included in Best American Movie Writing: 1999.

He is the co-author of the zombie Western comic book, Rotten (Moonstone Books, ongoing), and runs the “Magic Lantern” monthly series of film lectures at the Frye Art Museum. His website The Crop Duster is a busy collection of short takes, long pieces, and compulsive lists.


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Steve also likes to talk about science and nature. Check out his gardening podcast, A Dry Rain

Steve will be Seattle’s Town Hall Scholar In Residence , Fall 2014.  Some of the work will focus on this question, when did this place become your home?  Steve had an essay about the topic on KCTS TV’S Pie.   He will probably be asking you that question in the months ahead. Best think up an answer, or at least think about a few places where you can point out how you started to take root.