Episode #24: Apes, Trains and The Explosion of Screens

Episode #24 is a supersized edition of the Overlook Podcast with over 30 minutes of high quality movie news and reviews. Actually it was just Steve nattering away on one pet peeve or another.  Boy, the guy steps away from a near 30-year career as a public radio show host and now he’s a “Chatty Cathy” doll, pulling his own string.  Truth be told, Robert was a bit chagrined and he wanted you forewarned.

The Apes are back and they look marvelous, though perhaps, according to Robert, a little unmotivated without a strong plot.  Robert and Steve also talk about “Snowpiercer,” a joint Korean-American that Robert quite liked but that Steve couldn’t quite accept with the proper attitude of disbelief.   And the two of them go on about the ways in which the public space has been colonized by TV screens, forcing us to consume all sorts of things that were not intended for casual viewing at coffee shops and hair parlors.