Episode #23: Live At Seattle Public Library- Hitchcock, the Master

Alfred Hitchcock is considered the foremost director of film.  He led the way in creating the visual language for suspense films and thrillers.  He smartly mixed in comedy and wry observations on the human condition.  Robert Horton and Steve Scher kicked off “Hitchcock By The Decade” at the Seattle Public Library,  University Branch, with a broad ranging discussion about Alfred Hitchcock’s long and influential career. The series runs through the summer.

In this episode of The Overlook Podcast, Robert and Steve and a roomful of film buffs talk about the 1927 thriller, “The Lodger.”  The silent film shows the budding director already in control of the visual elements of film.  The film’s star, Ivor Novello, was a music hall performer and matinee idol.  Hitchcock cast him against type, a precursor to his clever casting of Cary Grant and James Stewart and other stars.

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