Episode #21: Tom Cruise, Edge Of His Box Office Dominance?

We are back in the ‘Z’ section at Scarecrow Video.  The videos for sale are gathering a little dust.  We aren’t, new challenges await! Just like long popular Tom Cruise, we will plow ahead; making career choices that may seem odd but will be well executed. Cruise’s new film isn’t blowing out the box office scores. So we wonder, along with so many others, whether his run at the top of the box office is over.   Doubt it. Another Jack Reacher and another Mission Impossible on the horizon.


Join us June 23rd at The University Branch of the Seattle Public Library as we consider the legacy of Alfred Hitchcock.  Is he still the long gone master?  Have his films gotten stale in this fast paced, high tech era? Robert Horton and Steve Scher help the Seattle Public Library kick off a summer Hitchcock By the Decades film festival. 6 pm Monday 6/23. First up, “The Lodger.”


Rotten is Robert’s Graphic Novel Series

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And Steve had a nice essay on KCTS TV’S Pie.  But it isn’t about the movies.