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Dan Ireland, Casting Scar-Jo, Only Angels Have Wings and The Martian, a comedy?

Remembering SIFF co-founder Dan Ireland and his love for film tops the show this week. Also, the casting controversy around Scarlett Johansson as Major Motoko Kusanagi in the live action remake of the Anime classic “Ghost in the Shell.” Major Motoko Kusanagi

The Seattle International Film Festival is just a few weeks off. Dan Ireland, the co-founder of this massively impressive and important festival just passed away. This year’s festival will surely be honoring his work as a founder and as a director and producer. Robert wrote a remembrance on Scarecrow’s blog.

Casting Scarlett Johansson in a film developed from a classic Japanese anime is an example of “the practice of blackface employed on Asians,” according to actress Constance Wu. Is she right? This is a complicated issue again showing who has power in Hollywood. But is there a way to effect real change without casting a pall over the freedom of artists to explore their world?

Why was “The Martian” a golden globe winner for best comedy? The award ticked off Judd Apatow.
Finally, if you need to see one great movie, well Robert says the Criterion DVD of “Only Angels Have Wings” will convince you that it is one of the greatest films ever made.
Well sure, Hawks dialogue delivered by Jean Arthur and Cary Grant in their prime in real life black and white. Pure Celluloid Bliss.