Captain America, SiffX, The Family Fang, Trump the Storyteller

Have you seen the picture that replaces the faces of Hillary and Trump with Captain America and Iron Man? Scary times.
It’s a good thing we found some polka music to soothe our spirits. Captain America’s civil war is O.K. but then there is the civil war the master storyteller of our era is brewing. The Donald likes to imagine America against the world. He is big box office that’s for sure. He tells some Americans story from history that they want to hear, even when they aren’t quite true.
Number 1 with a bullet for the Republican Party.

Also, Siffx looks pretty interesting. The big film festival is splitting off a virtual reality 360 degree cinematic experience.

And Christopher Walken is pretty good in “The Jungle Book,” and pretty good in the quirky Jason Bateman directed, “The Family Fang.” Think a maybe too serious “The Royal Tenenbaums”.
Cue the accordion.