Cake and Whiskey

Robert Horton and Steve Scher talk about “Ned Rifle,” the new film from indie filmmaker Hal Hartley.  They also talk about the weather in Scotland, where Robert is hiking the Pentland Hills and eating cakes and drinking whiskey.


Steve spent a little too much time getting rained on in Maui. Saw turtles though, and heck, it was still Hawaii, so who is complaining.

2015-04-04 14.56.47

 Hal Hartley has stuck to his own path as an independent filmmaker for decades. He has worked with the same group of actors, creating quirky films. Some critics and fans love his films. But Hartley is not to everyone’s taste.

“Ned Rifle” brings us characters from two previous Hartley films, “Henry the Fool” and “Fay Grim.”  This latest follows the son of Henry and Fay as he searches for his father, in order to kill him.