2015 Crystal Ball Edition

Of course you know we end 2015 with the new Star Wars Film.  But that is just the beginning.  Coming to a screen near us in 2015, a slew, a score, a veritable cascade of new films featuring very familiar characters. Robert and Steve go down the list and make a few comments and predictions.

Robert Horton will be talking about some upcoming releases with a few other critics at Scarecrow Video, part of the Framing Pictures series. That is on January 16th.

At SIFF on the 23rd and 24th of January he will spend a few hours dissecting “Frankenstein” and  “Bride of Frankenstein,” scene by scene.

Steve co-hosts a book podcast with Nancy Pearl. It’s called “That Stack of Books.”  Find it and  all his podcasts, at The House of Podcasts.

And you can catch Steve doing some news commentary around the President’s State of the Union Address on NWCN on the 20th.